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Safety is Important Around the Home Too …

Why is it that trained professionals often decide to ignore basic safe working procedures when they start up a project in their home? Year in and year out, approximately 5,000 U.S. employees lose their lives in accidents at the workplace. But that number pales in comparison to the over 30,000 that lose their lives in accidents around the home during any given year in the United States.

When you decide to “fix up” the house, make sure safety is on that “fix up” list. The following are some safety items that most employees/homeowners should be aware of and address if necessary. The list is not all-inclusive of course, and you should customize or add to the list to meet your home safety needs:

  • Home Smoke Alarms-installed where necessary, in proper working order.
  • Electrical Safety-Use safe electrical work practices at home too.
  • Fire Extinguishers-mounted for quick emergency use. All should know how to use.
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan-Make sure all at home know the plan, and practice it once a year, or more if necessary.
  • Flashlights-Make sure they are in working order and you can access them easily.
  • First Aid & CPR-Keep your first aid kit stocked and adults should know basic CPR.
  • Emergency Phone Numbers-post in a convenient place near a phone. Include a poison control phone number on your list.
  • Remind all of other Fire Safety Items (such as candles and other decorative items)
  • When Performing Home Maintenance/Work Yourself–Use the same safety precautions, or more, that you do at work. And remember, emergency rooms are full of “weekend-do-it-yourselfers.”
  • Practice Fall-Protection Safety (including proper ladder use)
  • Reading Chemical Labels is not just something you do at work–Practice Chemical Safety in and around the home.

Safe work habits aren’t just for the workplace. Make safety a part of your life around your house and you and your family will enjoy your home even more.


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