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TALK #21

Conscience-Driven Safety
Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
to Working Safely

Conscience - 1.a. The faculty of recognizing the difference between right and wrong with regard to one’s conduct coupled with the sense that one should act accordingly.

This is the first definition listed for the word conscience in Webster’s dictionary. Each of the other definitions are essentially the same, such as “Conformity to one’s own sense of proper conduct”, and “inner thought.”

Let me ask you a question – If you let your conscience guide you during the day – would you treat safety differently than you do right now?

Think of something you do, maybe a task or a job, or maybe just your driving habits coming to work this morning.

Unfortunately what we usually think is, “I’ve done this job a 1,000 times before and I’ve never been hurt.” Or many of us don’t even think before we do certain jobs or tasks. We can do those jobs or tasks almost without thinking, but we do them with whatever bad safety habits we’ve acquired through the years.

The next time you do any task or job, ask yourself these questions – “What could go wrong?” and “Can I get hurt?” Now put your conscience to work, forget about the fact that you may have broken that safety rule many times before without getting hurt. If you put your conscience to work, it will likely tell you, “Put on your safety glasses because this is the time that a wood chip will fly up into your eye, or this is the time the car in front of you will stop short and you’ll need that seatbelt, or this is the time that someone will drop a tool off the scaffold and you’ll need that hardhat.”

If you let your conscience be your guide – you and your safe work habits will always be a winner.

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