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Horseplay and Safety Don’t Mix

Horseplay has no place in the workplace! All of us like to have fun, but when horseplay gets started at work it often ends badly, and none of us want a joke to end with someone getting hurt.

Don’t be confused – practical jokes are considered horseplay. So practical jokes are not acceptable and often end badly. Here’s an actual case in point:

There was a two person surveying crew working together on the 3rd floor of a newly poured 3 foot thick concrete slab at a construction site. One person was standing with a measuring rod at one corner of the building outside of the installed guard rails, using no fall protection, and the other person at the other far corner of the building looking at the measuring rod through a construction level. The worker with the measuring rod thought he’d joke around with his co-worker and jump off the concrete slap onto plywood affixed to the bottom on the slap he was standing on. The plywood stuck out about 3 feet from the edge of the building and was only held to the concrete with several small nails.

The result: The employee fell three stories to the ground, and his life was just barely saved through emergency brain surgery.

We don’t tolerate horseplay or practical jokers here. If you see any kind of horseplay, don’t hesitate to stop it at once. Let the jokester know that you don’t like it, and if it continues, notify your supervisor.

It's no joke if a prank or practical joke backfires and someone is injured. Always remember – Horseplay, practical jokes and safety don’t mix.

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