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Safety “Tool Box” talks provide an excellent means for the proper training and documentation to safeguard against the hazards that can exist at any workplace.

Safety Bob is pleased to offer the following 21 behavior-based safety “Tool Box” talks for you to use at your workplace. Click on the title below to access the safety talk desired. Good luck with your safety training!

  1. Common Sense & Accident Prevention Go Hand in Hand
  2. Horseplay and Safety Don't Mix
  3. A “Can-Do” Attitude – Can Get You Killed!
  4. What’s Similar about 8 out of Every 10 Accidents?
  5. Why Do Some Workers Act Like Children When it Comes to Safety?
  6. Shortcuts Can Be Killers
  7. What Really is a “Near Miss” – and What We Should Do About It
  8. Let’s Talk About Seatbelts
  9. Safety is Important Around the Home Too
  10. Working Safely Sometimes Means Making the “Hard Choice”
  11. Too Many Excuses – Too Many Accidents
  12. They’re not Really Accidents
  13. It’s What Happens When the Supervisor’s Not Around That’s Really Important
  14. What Would OSHA Do?
  15. The More Routine the Task … The “Bigger” the Safety Risk?
  16. Your Attitude Toward Safety Can Make all the Difference
  17. Critical Event Safety; What Will You Do at that Critical Moment?
  18. PPE – And What it “Says” About Your Safety Program
  19. The Four Horsemen of the (Safety) “Apocalypse”
  20. How Safe Do You Work… When You Know No One is Looking?
  21. Conscience-Driven Safety-Let Your Conscience be Your Guide to Working Safely

Safety Bob can assist you with your company’s safety training program, including a more comprehensive safety “Tool Box” talks program. Click here for more information.

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