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Your company safety program can be a success!

Regardless of your company's current safety situation - OSHA violations, excessive workers’ compensation premiums or even the consequences of a serious accident, Safety Management and Safety Bob can help turn your safety program around. It’s a turnaround that’s not only designed to achieve immediate accident prevention results, but cause a change in employee attitudes and behaviors about workplace safety. This safety culture change will likely earn excellent safety results for years to come.

Safety Bob’s keynote service, “The Turnaround Program to Safety Success” is offered to companies and organizations throughout the United States.

Every aspect of Safety Bob’s “Turnaround Program to Safety Success” is customized for each individual company and organization. This design starts with an assessment of your company or organization’s accident and safety history, individual personnel, location, environment and working conditions, equipment, OSHA in your state or region and other safety regulatory organizations, safety training options as well as weather and numerous other conditions.

Using this information, Safety Bob designs a custom safety program for your company including safety manuals, specialized and targeted OSHA and other safety training and most importantly – personal service and follow-up from Safety Bob that can make accident prevention success a reality for you and your employees

The program starts with an intensive 4-month schedule that will set into place the successful “turnaround” of any safety program. To receive more information and specific details on how Safety Bob’s “Turnaround Program to Safety Success” can assist you and your employeesclick here.

Often Safety Bob's turnarounds have been dramatic. Some examples of programs that Safety Bob has turned around to success are:

1. Large Contractor
Program start:
300 employees and 125 OSHA reportable accidents during previous year. Year 5 results - nearly 1000 employees and award winning safety results with just 14 OSHA reportable accidents and only 1 lost-time accident.

2. Large Contractor
Program start:
Contractor's WC insurance nearly cancelled. Year 3 - same contractor had achieved over 800 days without a lost-time accident and numerous industry-wide safety awards.

3. General Industry Client
Program start:
Over 180 OSHA violations noted at plant during first inspection. 2 years later, safety violations essentially gone and program is also award-winner.

Safety Bob has achieved similiar "turnarounds" with many other programs.

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