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Bob Synnett, “Safety Bob”, is the President and founder of Safety Management Consultants, Inc. Through his company, he creates and manages safety & accident prevention programs for companies and organizations that not only achieve results, but change employee attitudes and behaviors about workplace safety.

Safety Bob’s experience speaks for itself. He spent nearly 14 years with one of South Carolina’s largest Construction Companies – a company now acclaimed for its safety program created by Safety Bob. He served as Vice President directly responsible for both Safety and Human Resources. This safety program dramatically reduced workplace injuries, saved hundreds of thousands of workers compensation premium dollars and earned recognition and awards including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Blue Chip Initiative Award.

Safety Bob's company – Safety Management began operations in 1998, and has since worked with varied clients and has consistently created safety programs that have achieved award-winning accident prevention results.

Safety Bob not only possesses 25 years of “frontline” safety experience and a mastery of OSHA and other safety regulations, but his communication skills and “comfortable” training style allow him to immediately “connect” with any individual or group. He has effectively presented construction and industry safety training to thousands, and his safety programs have literally “saved” companies millions in workers compensation insurance premiums.

Safety Bob holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of South Carolina and has earned numerous individual safety related awards, including the 1993 Safety Professional of the Year from the South Carolina American Society of Safety Engineers. Safety Bob has also been published or recognized in magazines such as “Professional Safety”, “Nations’ Business” and “Risk Management”.

More importantly Safety Bob has earned his client companies countless safety awards, recognition, and the ability to provide their employees with a safer and more productive work environment.

With Safety Programs-“People Skills" Make All the Difference

How do you change the attitude and behavior of nearly 1000 “set-in-their-way” construction workers?

Not just with a well written safety manual.

“People Skills” are the real answer.

Yes, safety rules and regulations must be clearly spelled out, but Safety programs are another opportunity of influencing how others think and act on the job.

The “People Skills” of those influencing the workers usually make the difference between success and failure. Your effectiveness in helping employees see that safety is essential will determine how safely they work

Who manages your safety program and do they have the “People Skills” to actually influence your workers attitudes and behaviors?

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